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ESG for the Swiss Financial Sector

In our personal lives, we increasingly prioritize sustainability across various aspects. However, how does the financial sector approach this matter?

ESG: ESG, the abbreviation for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is currently an undeniable and highly topical issue.

Even those with no ESG expertise need to have knowledge of the issue of sustainability. People working in the banking sector should be able to provide informed advice to their clients and understand the ESG best practices implemented by their company.

Developed jointly by PwC and Swiss Learning Hub AG, the training series on ESG in the financial sector consists of five learning modules. It provides a comprehensive overview of regulation, greenwashing, investments, best practices and data governance.


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Online training & certification

  • Module 1: ESG regulations and disclosures
  • Module 2: Greenwashing and greenwishing
  • Module 3: ESG investing
  • Module 4: Good practice in ESG risk management
  • Module 5: ESG data governance and reporting
  • Module 6: Assessment & certificate