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time2learn Professionals

time2learn Professionals is the learning solution for modern, successful companies. A wide range of formal and informal learning scenarios can be successfully implemented, from onboarding and workplace learning to communities.

time2learn Professionals

time2learn Professionals is the perfect learning solution for modern, successful companies. Ranging from onboarding and workplace learning to communities, a wide variety of formal and informal learning scenarios can be successfully implemented.

User management

Role and function-based user management.

Course management

Create learning paths from web-based trainings, interactive videos, blended events, learning games, artificial intelligence, etc. Manage users and assign learning paths, events and courses to participants.

Skills management

Use standard competence profiles for existing professions or create new specific job profiles in order to develop your chosen job competence.

Event management

Manage in-classroom teaching courses, events, webinars and resources such as lecturers, rooms and devices.

Social learning

Connect learning communities with courses, classes as well as learning content and make learning more effective.

Authoring tool

Create responsive learning modules for mobile devices and desktop computers with the cloud-based authoring tool.

Exam tool

Generate exercises and exams with our cloud-based test and exam tool.

Online feedback

Use the cloud-based test and examination tool to create exercises and examinations.

Cloud solution

time2learn Professionals is a module-based learning solution. It can easily be adapted to any company size, from small and medium to global. And, of course, it can grow with you! Competence-based learning promotes the individual development of all employees and delivers measurable results for the organization.

Our SaaS model is based on the actual number of users. This provides you with an efficient, cost-effective and scalable solution. You only pay for your actual investment in improving your most valuable resource: your staff.

Workplace Learning 70/20/10

time2learn Professionals is based on the 70/20/10 learning model

Learning Model 70/20/10

time2learn Professionals was conceptualized according to the 70/20/10 learning model, which states/assumes that:

  • only 10% of the learning objectives are met through formal learning,
  • 20% of knowledge is acquired through social interactions in learning communities, at work or even during a coffee break and
  • 70% is learnt through Workplace Learning.

This is why we equipped time2learn Professionals with an intelligent search engine, so you and your employees have instant access to all the organizational knowledge you need.


Cutting edge forms of learning

Knowledge is no longer conveyed in classroom teaching, but largely online through web-based learning modules, webinars and learning communities. In classroom teaching, this acquired knowledge is deepened, discussed and applied to specific cases. This way, a competence-based learning approach can be implemented that is adapted to the individual learning needs of the learners.

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