Create e-tests quickly and easily

TESTPOOL is the smart authoring tool which perfectly complements your learning platform. With this workflow-oriented authoring tool your trainers and specialists become authors – and at the same time producers. Save time and money with this all-in-one concept. Create HTML-based e-tests quickly, easily and efficiently.

Swiss Learning Hub – TESTPOOL

Simple and efficient

With TESTPOOL you can create your individual e-tests. You work with a user-friendly tool and don’t need to have any programming skills.

Can be integrated into your LMS

You can integrate your e-test in any SCORM-compliant learning management system (such as TRACKER, Moodle, time2learn). Thus, TESTPOOL is a perfect match for your learning platform.


Authoring tool

More about our authoring tool.

Roles & Functionalities

Learn about the different roles & functionalities that TESTPOOL offers.


Learn about the test views and how to create the questions and tests.

Create e-tests quickly and easily

TESTPOOL in detail

At a glance

  • Efficient and easy creation of HTML-based e-tests
  • Integration of e-tests into any SCORM-compliant learning management system
  • Knowledge verification through online tests
  • Automatic analysis of the test results after the test
  • User-friendly tool that requires no programming skills
  • Time and cost savings

Authoring tool

  • Easy generation and management of questions and tests
  • Expandability and reusability of your questions and tests
  • Proven roles and authorization concept (multiple role assignment possible)
  • Flexible test player incl. results analysis
  • Various types of questions available
  • Weighted point distribution and possibility to use Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Quality control reviewer function
Technical aspects of the authoring tool
  • Powerful and flexible technology based on .NET
  • Web-based and database-protected
  • Operating as a Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Client capability
  • Supports international standards AICC and SCORM
  • Supports multilingualism
  • Integration of e-tests in any SCORM-compliant learning management system

Roles and functionalities

As administrator you create and manage users. You have the possibility to create flexible roles and authorization concept. Moreover, you can also add new themes and target groups.

As question author you capture questions about the required topics. You can choose from a variety of question types:

  • True/False
  • Matrix True/False
  • Multiple Response
  • Multiple Choice
  • Drag & Drop
  • Drag & Drop with pictures
  • Hotspot
  • Open questions

If a user did not answer questions correctly, you can add comments to these questions. You can also define the weighting and taxonomy of each question.

As reviewer you check the questions and tests before activation, thus ensuring the quality.

As test author you allocate the questions to the test, determine the total number of questions per test and the number of questions to be made available. You also determine the time and passing limits. You may choose to have the questions and answers displayed in random order. At the end of the test you can enter a feedback text (positive/negative). After creating the test, the test player displays a preview of your test. You can always expand and reuse your tests.

As a translator you change the questions and tests into the target languages and transmit the translated texts to the Reviewer for review.

Create e-tests quickly and easily

TESTPOOL in operation


Start page
The online test opens in a separate browser window. The start page displays the most important information about the e-test: number of tasks, required maximum and minimum score, number of attempts and the time available.


Question types
On a hotspot question page the author marks different areas of a picture. Each of these areas corresponds to an answer in a Multiple Choice or Multiple Response question. Graphically challenging questions are inserted on this type of question page.
With Drag & Drop you can match text and pictures by dragging them. A question may contain text elements only or a combination of text and picture elements.


Question overview & Evaluation Page
Here, all questions of the e-test are listed. Already answered, marked or not answered questions are marked with a different colour and can be selected directly from the list.
After answering all test questions or after the expiry of the time limit, the test is evaluated and a detailed results page is displayed. The level of detail of the results page is determined by the Test Author. It either displays all or only the incorrectly answered questions. In addition, in the test properties it is determined whether or not the solution is displayed. The test player calculates the score based on question type, response and weighting.


After logging in, the cockpit is displayed. It shows the user new messages and the number of existing questions and tests. A pie chart illustrates the figures displayed in the table. When creating a new question, the question author has 8 different question types at his disposal. The data language is determined when the question is opened. Afterwards, the question can be designed individually. Various criteria such as learning objective, target group, processing time, taxonomy and weighting of the question are defined.


Create tests
When creating a test, Test Authors enter the metadata and define the test properties. This includes setting the language, time limit, the minimum number of points required to pass the test and the number of questions to be displayed in the test. Finally, the Test Authors add the required number of questions to the test.
For approved questions and tests, translation jobs can be triggered into predefined target languages. These translations can be edited by a person with the translator role. The translations are then checked again by the reviewer.


Export tests
TESTPOOL supports the international standards AICC and SCORM. E-tests created with TESTPOOL can be integrated in a wide range of learning management systems.

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