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time2learn Young Talents

Your solution for basic vocational education

time2learn Young Talents

time2learn Young Talents is based on the dual education model of the Swiss vocational training system. It already represents more than 100 professions and further professions are being added constantly. Training companies use time2learn Young Talents to plan the training of their apprentices. Vocational trainers and apprentices have an overview of the learning status, learning documentation and performance grades at all times.

Training companies

Companies use time2learn Young Talents to plan their apprentices' vocational training. Learners have an overview of their learning progress, deadlines and personal learning documentation at all times.

Industry association

Industries and professional associations work in close cooperation with our product development team and directly influence the development of time2learn Young Talents.

Industry-level courses center

Industry-level course managers and instructors use the Organizer add-on module for inter-company courses: from planning and implementation to evaluation.


Over 100 professions are currently integrated within time2learn Young Talents - with more being added constantly. time2learn Young Talents is able to provide performance target and education catalogs based on the action competency model (HK model), the triplex model and also the competency resource model.


Plan the basic vocational training of your apprentices with time2learn Young Talents and always keep a handle on tests and examinations. Over 50’ooo users benefit from the time2learn Young Talents features what allows them to fully focus on education. The add-on modules Organizer and QV are therefore very popular with professional associations and industry-level education organizations.

Add-on modules

Our add-on modules complement time2learn ideally and find use in many industries and companies – Organizer, QV, Occupational Safety and AQ tools enable you to efficiently organize courses and implement qualification procedures as well as youth employment protection.

Are you looking for further information on time2learn Young Talents?

On the time2learn Young Talents product page you will find all information on licensing, the supported professions, the user manuals and our range of training and course offerings.

Education and learning planning

Your support in the preparation, planning, support and monitoring of your trainees

Training management – hands-on and easy

time2learn Young Talents helps you to plan and monitor all necessary training measures online. All the relevant training information from all three learning locations – company, practical training and school – is gathered and clearly displayed.

Cooperation between learning institutions refers to optimal collaboration between all institutions involved in vocational education and training. The training measures are coordinated between the learning locations and presented transparently for all users. This enables learners to build up and maintain their knowledge as optimally and efficiently as possible. The training measures and results are managed digitally and enriched with additional information. Authorized vocational trainers can use this data to carry out learning monitoring quickly and easily in order to quickly identify weaknesses. For example, test and examination results can be enriched with additional information and then depicted clearly in the form of competence diagrams.

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