Vocational Education Solution for basic vocational education
Vocational Edition

Vocational education is based on the dual system of professional education in Switzerland. More than 60 professions (including their official learning objective catalogues) are available already and new job profiles are constantly being added. Companies use it to plan all their teaching to apprentices in the company, while trainees have an overview of their progress, learning journal and deadlines at all times.

Swiss Learning Hub – Vocational Edition


Training and learning planning mehr/weniger

The comprehensive solution for the targeted preparation, planning, support and supervision of learner training in basic vocational education.

Professions mehr/weniger

Over 60 professions have been integrated already and more are constantly being added. Specialities Fields of study are included alongside performance goals and school subjects.

Functions mehr/weniger

The functionality covers all the important requirements of the three places of learning – companies, classrooms and inter-company courses. Complete training management can be implemented digitally.

Target groups mehr/weniger

The Vocational Edition is ideal for teaching companies of all sizes (HR education managers, vocational trainers, trainees), inter-company organisations (training management, administration, inter-company course leaders, lecturers) and training/assessment professionals (industry managers, senior experts, experts).

Inter-company courses mehr/weniger

The fully integrated Organizer module facilitates the efficient planning of courses, enabling blended learning concepts to be implemented with ease and flexibility.

Qualification process mehr/weniger

All QP-relevant information can be collected and managed. The configurable design of the QP process can be tailored to suit your needs.

Organizer mehr/weniger

The Organizer course administration tool covers the planning and organisation of courses (e.g. inter-company courses), lecturers and rooms, as well as the entire participant administration process. It also enables businesses, teaching companies and commercial suppliers to make their learning materials available online.

Learning Record Store mehr/weniger

Every learner receives their own training CV for their personal use, detailing all the training and development courses they have completed.

The professional Solution for basic vocational education

Benefit from the advantages of blended learning and combine face-to-face classroom teaching with digital learning materials. Organise the entire qualification process (QP): Planning for input from experts, monitoring by senior experts, setting up assessment circles, electronically sending invitations, implementation and assessment of the QP.

With this, you can plan your learners’ training with ease. All those participating in the training, such as vocational trainers, practical trainers, inter-company course leaders etc. can provide learners with optimal support. Monitor the progress of your learners at all times consistently. You will find all documents such as learning material, education reports, certificates, training programmes, experience notes, etc. in one place – these are available to you at all times, no matter where you are or what the time is.

Training and learning planning

The solution for the targeted preparation, planning, support and supervision of learners

Training management made simple and practical

The Vocational Edition helps you plan and monitor all the necessary training activities online. The information relevant to training from all three places of learning – companies, inter-company courses and schools – is collated and clearly presented.

Cooperation between places of learning requires optimal collaboration between all the institutions involved in vocational education. This means coordinating training activities between the places of learning and presenting them to all users in a transparent way. This allows learners to build up and retain their knowledge as effectively and efficiently as possible. The training activities and results are managed digitally and supplemented with additional information. Qualified vocational trainers can use this data to monitor learning quickly and easily, and identify weaknesses fast. This makes it possible, for example, to supplement the results of tests and assessments with additional information and then clearly present them in the form of competence diagrams.

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