Basic vocational education

Plan basic vocational training for your learners with the training planner time2learn and keep a handle on learning controlling at all times. time2learn is already being used successfully by more than 3,000 businesses. Over 33,000 users take advantage of its powerful features, freeing up time to concentrate fully on their training. In addition, we offer inter-company courses for our plug-in modules (Organizer, Qualification process module) which are very popular with professional associations and organizations.

Swiss Learning Hub – time2learn

Easy and efficient

All those involved in training (mentors, practical instructors, ICC directors etc.) can access time2learn free of charge and thus optimally guide the learners. With time2learn, time-consuming searching for documents is a thing of the past. You can find all the documents you need in a single profile: Available anytime, anywhere.

Learning controlling

Keep track of the progress of your learners (learning documentation, performance targets, school grades, etc.) at all times. Education reports can also be handled using time2learn.



Commercial, IT and retail professions are just a few of the training courses offered by time2learn.


A course administration tool for planning and organizing courses and more.

Qualification process module

Our qualification process module is ideal for the organisation of the qualification process (QP).

Practical. Clearly Arranged. Efficient.

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Commercial occupations

  • Bank entry for secondary school graduates (Bankeinstieg Mittelschulabsolventen (BEM))
  • Office Assistant (Büroassistent/-in EBA)
  • Management Assistant – 19 fields (Kauffrau/-mann EFZ)
  • Upper-secondary business school (Wirtschaftsmittelschule (WMS) / Handelsmittelschule (HMS))

Occupations in information technology

  • ICT Specialist EFZ
  • Management Assistant in Information Technology EFZ – Business informatics
  • Management Assistant in Information Technology EFZ – Application development
  • Management Assistant in Information Technology EFZ – Systems engineering
  • ICT Assistant (Informatikpraktiker/-in EBA)
  • Interactive Media Designer/-in EFZ
  • Media Technician (Mediamatiker/-in EFZ)

Retail occupations

  • Retail Administrator (Detailhandelsfachfrau/-mann EFZ)
  • Retail Assistant (Detailhandelsassistent/-in EBA)

Technical occupations

  • Plant and equipment manufacturers (Anlagen- und Apparatebauer/-in EFZ)
  • Automation Engineer (Automatiker/-in EFZ)
  • Automatic control system technician (Automatikmonteur/-in EFZ)
  • Electrician (Elektroniker/-in EFZ)
  • Design Engineer EFZ
  • Mechanic (Mechanikpraktiker/-in EBA)
  • Lineworker (Netzelektriker/-in EFZ)
  • Polymechanic (Polymechaniker/-in EFZ)
  • Production Mechanic (Produktionsmechaniker/-in EFZ)Z

Other occupations

  • System Supervisor (Anlagenführer/-in EFZ)
  • Specialist in Operational Maintenance (Fachfrau/-mann Betriebsunterhalt EFZ)
  • Public transport specialists (Fachleute ÖV EFZ)
  • Meat Specialist Assistant (Fleischfachassistent/-in) EBA
  • Meat Specialist (Fleischfachmann/frau EFZ)
  • Building cleaner (Gebäudereiniger/-in EBA)
  • Building cleaner (Gebäudereiniger/-in EFZ)
  • Railway engineer (Gleisbauer/-in EBA)
  • Railway engineer (Gleisbauer/-in EFZ)
  • Chef (Koch/Köchin EFZ)
  • Food Technologist (Lebensmitteltechnologe/-in EFZ)
  • Logistics Specialist (Logistiker/-in EBA)
  • Logistics Specialist (Logistiker/-in EFZ)
  • Physics laboratory technicians (Physiklaborant/-in EFZ)
  • Road Transport Specialist (Strassentransportfachmann/frau EFZ)
  • System Gastronomy Specialist (Systemgastronomiefachmann/frau EFZ)
  • Textile Technician (Textilpraktiker/-in EBA)
  • Textile Engineer (Textiltechnologin/Textiltechnologe EFZ)
  • Watch Technician (Uhrenarbeiter/-in EBA)
  • Watchmaker (Uhrmacher/-in EFZ)
  • Maintenance Practitioner (Unterhaltspraktiker/-in EBA)

Create your own learning content

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Plug-in modules

The Organizer course administration tool assists with the planning and organisation of courses (for example inter-company courses), teachers and premises as well as the entire participant administration. In addition, industries, training companies and commercial enterprises can use it to make their learning content available online.

For more information, see: Organizer plug-in module

Our qualification process module is ideal for organizing final exams or qualification procedures. The following features can help you manage the final exam process:

  • Conduct final exams (occupational practice, written & oral)
  • Manage test cohorts and experts
  • Prepare and send out exam offerings
  • Record scores and transfer them to DBLAP2 or other systems
  • The training organisation can view the information on its own leaners (exam date, location, etc.)
  • The experts and chief experts can view the performance scores for the exam candidates allocated to them.
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