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The authoring tool STAGE allows you to produce learning modules (WBT) and electronic tests efficiently and without any HTML5 programming knowledge.

Swiss Learning Hub – STAGE

STAGE - Effective, flexible and easy to use

Create your learning modules with an efficient editor and check the results with the preview function in a browser. Preview functions for various display sizes are available. Thanks to the intuitive way of working with templates you save a lot of time and thus significantly reduce the costs of your e-learning production.

STAGE Responsive - Educational programs for mobile devices

With the cloud-based STAGE Responsive authoring tool, you can create educational programs for all types of devices. The focus, however, is on mobile devices. The intuitive, form-based editor helps you create appealing interactive learning modules, consisting of texts, images, quizzes, simple games and multimedia elements. 

Creating didactic learning media made easy

STAGE Responsive im Detail


The STAGE authoring tool allows users to create appealing learning modules with many different variations and page types. Special customer requests, interactive elements, tailored templates or even new page types can be taken into account and implemented. STAGE modules can be used on all conventional education management systems and are mobile friendly, meaning they can also be used on tablets and smartphones. For the production of learning media, flexible production strategies can be developed together with customers, enabling the efficient creation of learning media between customers and CREALOGIX Digital Learning.mehr/weniger


STAGE Responsive

STAGE Responsive was developed to meet the requirements and specifications of mobile use and mobile learning. It is a cloud-based authoring tool which allows numerous modules to be created which are optimised for use on smartphones and tablets. The modules can, however, also be used with all other screen sizes. STAGE Responsive boosts the production of learning media with simple templates, intuitive operation and ready-to-use widgets. Teams of authors spread across different locations and can work together to create different learning media and publish them on the Swiss Learning Hub.mehr/weniger

Testing and controlling

With STAGE you can create e-tests by using 10 types of questions. Once created, the test modules can be adjusted as required: define the number of correct responses, random questions, required questions, score, test inspection, result summary and other settings. All question types can also be used as exercises in learning modules. In learning modules, learners evaluate their exercise answers and thus keep track of their individual learning progress. Each question may include a feedback symbol or text. Test results are displayed in a table at the end of a test module and transmitted to the learning platform. Various communication interfaces to the learning platform are available (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004). If the function is set, learners will be able to print out a certificate after passing their e-tests.mehr/weniger

Create learning media without any previous programming experience

STAGE on a daily basis


With STAGE you create your learning modules at your own discretion – without programming knowledge and by using templates. This not only saves time and detours. STAGE allows standardized processes, increases flexibility, ensures quality and supports you in keeping your learning modules up to date. STAGE positively effects the production costs of your learning modules.


Showcase - Brief insight into STAGE

The player of STAGE automatically adjusts to the width of the browser window so that the content is always optimally displayed. If there is no space available for the side navigation, it is hidden and can be displayed by selecting the respective overlying icon. Once a chapter has been selected, the side navigation disappears again. Should there not be enough space to display the content (e.g. on a smartphone), the player automatically changes to vertical content presentation. Thanks to this behaviour you don’t have to create and manage separate module versions for different devices. And you save time and money!


In STAGE modules the spoken text of your audio and video files can be displayed in a popup window. Thus, learners who, for any reason, can’t play sound also have access to all the information of your module without having to access a separate module version. Again, you can save time and money!


In STAGE you can specify the conditions that must be met before a page receives the status “finished”. This information is transmitted to the LMS, serving to monitor the work progress. Navigation within the module can be linked to the processing status of (a) page(s). This allows authors to adjust navigation according to content requirements – whether learners can navigate freely from page to page or in a strictly predefined order.

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