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E-Learning Production

Development and production of interactive learning content

Learning is a dynamic process that goes far beyond knowledge acquisition. We believe that learning should be an active and holistic experience. That’s why we focus on an engaging and creative approach to developing e-learning content.

Our ISO certified process also ensures that your learning content is delivered within budget and to your highest satisfaction.

Interactive. Multimedia. Flexible. Sustainable.

You’ve come to the right place for customised e-learning. Our learning content is more than just knowledge transfer. It should inspire, excite and be memorable. Watch the video to find out what it is that makes us stand out!

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A brief outline of our production process

Find out what’s happening when we produce e-learnings for our customers.

Concept phase

During the concept phase, we listen carefully to what our customers need and present initial proposals. Once we have defined the content layout and its form (e.g., video, audio or text) the project planning team can work out a schedule and calculate the production costs. Then we move on to the script phase.

Storyboard phase

During the storyboard phase, our author team structures the content to create a coherent storyboard. The writers also work closely with the design team to develop graphics and scripts for videos and audio. As soon as the first version of the storyboard is ready, we discuss it with the customer and implement the feedback. If everything fits, the customer approves the storyboard for production.

Design phase

The design team performs numerous tasks that span the concept, storyboard and realisation phases. To give customers a taster, the design team presents mock-ups of graphics, videos etc. during the concept phase. In this way, the visual aspect of the e-learning is harmonised with the customers’ requirements. In the storyboard and implementation phase, the graphics, videos and audio files are then produced and incorporated into the training.

Implementation phase

The implementation phase is the central part of e-learning production. Everything that has been done so far is preparatory work for the implementation. Firstly, the master version is created. Then, if requested, the training can be produced in other languages and signed off.

What’s next?

Once the course has the sign-off, we will help you integrate it into your learning management system (LMS). Alternatively, we will be happy to advise you on how you can use our customisable LMS for hosting your courses.

Contact us now for customised learning solutions!

Contact us now for customised learning solutions!

Excerpts from our courses

Take a look at some short examples of training courses that we have developed for our customers. The excerpts show how the training courses are designed, but also what possibilities our own authoring tool offers us – visually, interactively and in terms of learning journeys. Many of them are only available in German, but a few are also in English, French or Italian.

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Interactive. Multimedia. Flexible. Sustainable.

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