Course event -and resource planning

Efficient and resource-saving time scheduling can be a complex task for large higher education institutions. With EVENTO Planer, seminars for dual study programs and teacher-training courses can be planned automatically and free of overlaps. Moreover, time-schedules can be optimized according to various rules.

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Let it be found instead of searching for it

With the help of intelligent algorithms, EVENTO Planer is capable of calculating ideal time-schedules taking into consideration its general conditions. As a result, highly complex challenges such as planning non-overlapping dual study programs and teacher-training courses can be mastered with ease.

Focus on the essentials

EVENTO Planer also supports you in the manual post-editing of tasks. It shows collision-free alternatives or gives suggestions for available space that meet your requirements. EVENTO Planer offers an unprecedented overview of courses with all associated lecturers, rooms and course cohorts.

Non-overlapping timetables through automatic planning

EVENTO Planer at a glance

The most important in brief

Efficient time -and resource planning is one of the most complex challenges for universities, higher education institutions and colleges of applied sciences. EVENTO Planer does this effortlessly thanks to evolutionary algorithms. Convince yourself based on our product video or download the factsheet.

No redundancies in data maintenance

EVENTO Planer in detail


Automatic planning taking into account any boundary conditions, such as room capacities, room utilization and availabilities.

  • Optimization of timetables with the help of evolutionary algorithms from artificial intelligence
  • Selection and evaluation of numerous boundary conditions, i.a.

    – Collisions
    – Studability
    – Availability of lecturers, rooms and time periods
    – Distribution over the planning period
    – Room size
    – Travel times
    – Maximum working hours

  • Statistical evaluations for quality control
Auswahl der Rahmenbedingungen für die automatische Berechnung

Selection of the general conditions for automatic calculation

Definition der Verfügbarkeiten von Personen, Räumen und Zeitabschnitten

Definition of the availability of persons, rooms and time periods

Manual editing with visualization of double occupancy and overlaps that prevent studability or reduce visitability.

  • Clear presentation of the timetables of lecturers, rooms and cohorts
  • Color coding of double occupancy and violations of freedom from overlap
  • Support in quickly finding free periods of time
  • Moving the courses by drag and drop
  • Support in the search for alternative lecturers or rooms based on criteria such as availability, room size and desired pools
Manuelle Bearbeitung des Stundenplans mit hervorgehobenen Konflikten

Manual editing of timetables with highlighted conflicts

Dem Nutzer werden freie Zeitabschnitte vorgeschlagen

Free time periods are proposed to the user

Output of timetables for lecturers and rooms in various formats.

Die Stundenpläne können in verschiedene Formate exportiert werden

The timetables can be exported in different formats

Interfaces to Campus Management Systems or as an extension of our own product EVENTO.

Our aim is that you maintain your data only in one place. To avoid redundancies in data maintenance, EVENTO Planer offers standardized interfaces to campus management systems. We would be happy to advise you on how EVENTO Planer can be optimally integrated into your processes and systems.

Together with EVENTO Planer you receive an optimal performance package. Our service includes regular updates and immediate support. Contact us, we are happy to help!

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