Schnell und einfach Webbased-Trainings erstellen

With the authoring tool “CONTENT CREATOR” you can create responsive, interactive learning modules, trainings and tests that run on all devices (smartphones, tablets and PCs) and screen sizes.

Swiss Learning Hub – CONTENT CREATOR

CONTENT CREATOR - Effective, flexible and easy to use

Build your learning modules with an efficient editor and check the results with just a few clicks in the preview function in your browser. Thanks to the intuitive way of working with templates you save a lot of time and thus significantly reduce the costs of your e-learning production.

Mobile Responsive Design - Learning courses for mobile devices

With the cloud-based authoring tool CONTENT CREATOR you create educational programs for all types of devices. The focus, however, is on mobile devices. The form-based editor helps you create appealing, interactive learning modules, consisting of texts, images, audios, videos and simple games entirely without any knowledge of programming.

Creating didactic learning media made easy


Everything at one glance

  • Cloudbased, accessible everywhere
  • Easy creation of responsive, interactive learning modules
  • Efficient generation of Trainings and Tests
  • User-friendly, requires no knowledge of programming
  • Direct preview function
  • Export as a SCORM Paket or xAPI Format
  • Supports all common Media formats
Content Creator – 20

Authoring tool

Templates for content
  • Accordion
  • Chat
  • Collapsible Boxes
  • Graphic, Graphic Zoomer, Hot Graphic
  • Image Gallery
  • Narrative
  • Media (Audio, Video)
  • Page Jumper (Button for Site links)
  • Text
  • iFrame
Templates for questions
  • Text Input
  • Cloze texts
  • Matching Question
  • Single Choice Question
  • Single Choice Question with graphic elements
  • Multiple Choice Question
  • Multiple Choice Question with graphic element
  • Slider

The templates are constantly being developed. All Swiss Learning Hub customers automatically receive the updates.

Mobile First - Responsive Design


Showcase - Insight into CONTENT CREATOR

Look at a few extracts of appealing training programs

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