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  • CREALOGIX Digital Learning at the 8th Swiss eLearning Conference 2017
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  • CREALOGIX Digital Learning at the 8th Swiss eLearning Conference 2017
| Timo Kind
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CREALOGIX Digital Learning at the 8th Swiss eLearning Conference 2017

Yesterday (5th of April 2017) we had the opportunity to participate in the demo festival of the 8th Swiss eLearning Conference in Zürich. The topic of this year’s SeLC «Learning in Change – How Digital Learning Supports Change Processes» was used as an opportunity to address concrete examples from the area of «Customer Education».

Interactive Video Learning

We presented an interactive video learning example for customer education. Interactive videos make it possible to develop micro- or nanolearning modules that enable users to intervene throughout the film, to make their own decisions and thus to go through different variations. In yesterday’s case we showed an example from the «Interactive Finance» series. The client is informed about «Green Investments», can get to know and select different investment categories and then receives pre-selected funds for each category. In the end, you can invest directly in such a fund or you can contact a client manager.

Video Streaming via «Content Delivery Network»

Such interactive video learning examples require an adequate streaming solution so that the videos can be transmitted in the right format and in the right bandwidth to the end devices (PC, laptop, mobile devices) of the customers. This requires a content delivery network capable of distributing interactive video learning content globally. CREALOGIX Digital Learning integrates such a CDN component into its cloud-based learning solution. In this way, the need for more video-based learning can be met.

Swiss Learning Hub und Eco-System

The CDN component is a substantial part of the Swiss Learning Hub described in our MISSION Paper and presented at the first Swiss MOOC Factory Event. The Swiss Learning Hub combines all systems for basic and advanced training. With the Swiss Learning Hub, companies can train their apprentices, employees and customers. Schools of applied sciences and universities can offer their CAS and MAS courses to companies that are also on the hub.


The Swiss Learning Hub thus consists of an «Eco-System» (environment system) with the following groupings:

Applicants for training (companies, organisations, associations)

Training providers (training institutes, schools, educational counselling)

Partners in the field of content, technology, etc. (system providers, publishers, curators, etc.)

Impressions of the 8th Swiss eLearning Conference

Along with some pictures of yesterday’s “Swiss eLearning Conference” we would like to thank all customers and interested people who visited our demo festival stand and participated in intensive discussions. We will report on the further development of the topics mentioned at further events and on our blog.

Wenn Sie an den Themen „Interaktives Video Learning“, „Content Delivery Network“ und „Swiss Learning Hub“ interessiert sind, dann freuen wir uns über Ihre Kontaktaufnahme.


Timo Kind

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