Higher Education Campus solution for universities, schools of applied sciences and other educational institutions
Campus solution for universities, schools of applied sciences and other educational institutions
Higher Education

Higher education integrates diverse teaching and learning methods with digital support, based on a learning-centred competence approach. Technology-assisted teaching, learning and organisation processes simplify administration, communication and implementation.

Swiss Learning Hub – Higher Education

Campus Edition

The Campus Edition is a modular solution that’s perfect for any kind of training provider, whether a university, school of applied science, higher technical college or private education provider.

It is a cloud-based solution for the academic life cycle that organises your administration processes efficiently and sustainably, so that you can concentrate more intently on your training goals.

Tailored training

Alongside conventional teaching/learning scenarios, students nowadays expect innovative teaching methods (e.g. flipped classrooms with a high proportion of self-learning) with digital support and a high degree of flexibility. The access must enable seamless integration of learning-related resources and services both inside and outside the educational institution (e.g. mobile devices, library catalogues, learning analytics) and provide empirical data for optimising teaching/learning processes.

Campus Edition

Explore the different components of the Swiss Learning Hub – Campus Edition.

Digital competence

Enjoy all the benefits of the Campus Edition without worrying about the operational requirements of software.

Complete solution

A complete solution that satisfies the needs of today and the demands of tomorrow in every respect.

Campus Edition

The professional solution for education institutions

Campus Edition

Approval process mehr/weniger

An online application and acceptance process allows the school to confirm the interests of a student and set up activities in order to increase the likelihood of admission.

Semester processing mehr/weniger

Issuing invoices and reports

Lesson planning mehr/weniger

Lesson planning, room and equipment administration.

Interfaces mehr/weniger

The Campus Edition supports common interfaces which are supported by a web portal.

Degree programme management mehr/weniger

The Campus Edition supports the Bologna Process, which harmonises degree courses and study programmes across Europe.

Examination management mehr/weniger

The Campus Edition handles all assessments and examinations.

Certificate creation mehr/weniger

Certificates and statistics

Competency Manager mehr/weniger

Use standard competence profiles or create specific new profiles that facilitate target-oriented development.

Community Manager mehr/weniger

Learning communities in combination with courses, classes and learning materials make learning processes efficient and sustainable.

Content Creator mehr/weniger

Create learning materials quickly and easily with different forms of interaction to make learning enjoyable and motivating.

Assessment Creator mehr/weniger

Create question pools that can be put together in any way you like to make exercises or assessments.

Intelligent search engines mehr/weniger

Training materials – even videos and audio – are indexed and immediately available in the search query.

Learning Record Store mehr/weniger

A training CV for personal use, detailing all the training and development courses learners have completed.

Comprehensive solution

An optimal performance package – flexible and scalable

Digital competence – digitally competent

Do you know what your students or potential students expect from your institution?

With increasing speed, new technologies are penetrating the market and creating considerable scope for innovation and new lines of business. Education institutions are responding to this by introducing transversal skills like collaboration, communication, learning strategy and creative thinking into the curricula of compulsory education.

A collaborative and institutional culture is becoming more and more important in the academic life cycle. And supporting this life cycle through a modern campus is evident. An online application and approval procedure enables the school to arouse interest and increase the likelihood of admission.

The transformation into the digital age and flexible attitudes towards new teaching methods are key factors for students’ success – and therefore also the success of their institution.

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