AGILE LEARNING – Learning Concept for disruptive times

CREALOGIX Digital Learning an der LEARNING INNOVATION Conference 2018

On April 18th, 2018, we were at the LEARNING INNOVATION Conference 2018 at the Zurich Exhibition Center. On the topic “AGILE LEARNING” we presented the vision of “NextGen Professional Education” in the SolutionSpace. In disruptive times it is also necessary to adapt the training concepts. Flexible, modular and attractive learning solutions are needed to meet the training needs of companies, organizations and training institutes.

Urs Widmer and Nastassia Fercher presented the modular concept of the Swiss Learning Hub and the associated business model. This one assumes that education providers and those in need of education will move closer together in the future. As a result, current and acute educational needs can be covered and satisfied faster and more accurately. This requires the use of the latest technologies, which are used in a didactically clever and meaningful way. Examples to be mentioned are:

  • a learning record store that stores all learning data (considering a GDPR-correct procedure),
  • a content delivery network that makes any video learning format available to all target devices and bandwidths,
  • a competence module that ensures that job profiles, competences and educational offers are related to each other and that employees, trainees or customers proactively receive suggestions for training measures,
  • an artificial intelligence-based search that transcribes, indexes and makes all learning artifacts available (including audio and video). This supports not only formal but also informal learning in the workplace.

In three rounds of the World Café, these ideas and concepts were presented to interested experts and potential customers and discussed with them. A more in-depth presentation will take place at our Education Forum 2018, which will take place on September 25, 2018 in the Trafo Hallen Baden.

Images: Julius Hatt