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We are happy to announce that our products website for the Swiss Learning Hub is going live today. Our product managers, marketing specialists and education experts have spent the last few months working on product definitions for the Swiss Learning Hub. The website is now live and we would like to invite you to get to know the Swiss Learning Hub a little better:

The vision: Lifelong learning

The Swiss Learning Hub is the education platform for vocational training in a networked and globalised working world. It is successfully used by companies, associations, administrative authorities and educational institutions to provide their employees, customers and partners with qualifications. That makes the Swiss Learning Hub a hub between education providers, companies and those seeking training. Combining technology with modern learning techniques (e.g. learning stories, e-books, virtual classrooms, etc.) makes it possible to create integrated and agile learning scenarios (blended learning, online seminars, flipped classrooms, MOOCs, etc.). The vision of lifelong – and personalised – learning is therefore becoming a reality.

The concept: From basic vocational education, to in-company training and development, through to university education

The Swiss Learning Hub is the gateway for all professional training and development: From basic vocational education to in-company training and development through to tertiary further training (higher technical colleges, polytechnics, universities). All learning activities undertaken over the course of a learner’s professional career are filed in a personal Learning Record Store (LRS) profile and can be retrieved at all times. This means that their personal training CV is always up to date and available.

The various Editions

The Swiss Learning Hub is available in three specific editions.

VOCATIONAL EDITION – Basic Vocational Education

The Vocational Edition covers the requirements of basic vocational education and is based on Switzerland’s successful dual education system. Companies use it to plan all their teaching to apprentices in the company, while trainees have an overview of their progress, deadlines and personal learning journal at all times. More than 60 professions (including official learning objective catalogues) are available already and more professions are being added all the time.

CORPORATE EDITION – In-company training and development

The Corporate Edition is designed for in-company training and development. The Corporate Edition enables personalised learning based on the 70/20/10 model: Job profiles combined with competence models facilitate the target-oriented further development of employees. This happens via 70% independently acquiring knowledge on the job, 20% coaching and 10% formal training.

CAMPUS EDITION – Campus solution for education providers

The Campus Edition is the comprehensive solution for educational institutions with flexible learning methods, such as flipped classrooms with a high proportion of self-learning. It enables all resources and syllabuses to be managed and developed, and all administrative processes are covered. With it, students can find everything they need in one location, from syllabuses to learning modules.

Where can I learn more about the Swiss Learning Hub?

Contact us

We would be happy to explain the vision and technology behind the Swiss Learning Hub as well as specific applications during an online meeting or a visit at your location.