Where are responsive learning-media suitable?

How, when and where do you learn in your daily life? There are two facts we can all be sure of:

Firstly, we are learning every day. It doesn’t matter what and in what field we learn. Reality, however, remains that we absorb knowledge every day. Secondly, we live in a time where our smartphone is our constant companion. It is always with you and ready-at-hand. This gives us the ideal prerequisites for using responsive learning media and benefiting from them.

What are responsive learning-media?

Your employees can take the responsive courses online on a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can present responsive learning-media as a virtual classroom-lesson.
Compared to classic web-based training, responsive learning media are adaptable and usable on any device – regardless of whether it is a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
The design, the layout and the different functions adapt to different devices and screen sizes. Thus, each device becomes a learning guide in the sense of “Learning anywhere on any screen”. This makes the handling of your courses much easier and more effective.

How do responsive learning-media work?

Employees can learn in their own learning environment, as courses and learning content can be completed on the smartphone. In this case, it does not matter which device is used and neither computer rooms nor tablet arsenals are needed to complete courses. In this way, the teaching material is always available and can be accessed at any time.
Needless to say, you determine the content of your courses. You can always see what progress your employees have made and how far the learning process has progressed.

Whats important about responsive learning-media?

Responsive learning-media are incredibly productive. However, it is not only important that your course can be played smoothly on different devices, but also how and to what extent the learning content is taught. It is important for your learning content to be didactically processed in a meaningful way. This way, your employees will benefit from the training courses and remember the learning material long after completing the course.

By Xenia Bojarski, Team Inhaltsproduktion Digital Learning