A product created with STAGE Responsive

This year, our clients will be surprised with a very special Christmas card. The very first STAGE Responsive CLXmas-christmas card was created by our apprentice-team: Ranging from the idea and the photography to the programming and design. All of it was made by our creative apprentices.

What is the content?

Through this christmas card, the guests are introduced to our product which was made with a new cloud-based authoring tool STAGE responsive. Whereas on the other hand, they are given an insight in our exciting business units.

It is the most personal Christmas card which we have ever sent to our clients. Each and every one of our staff members will be introduced through individual cards; Also, each team has chosen a suitable and unique Christmas greeting.

In this way, CREALOGIX Digital Learning and the three business units Vocational Education, Corporate Education und Higher Education will be introduced.

How did the production run?

A total of five phases were necessary to complete this module:

1. In the first phase, a portrait picture of every staff member was taken and cut to the exact same size. Following, a graphic designer collected all photographs and assembled them in a manner so that our final picture of the digital learning team fit perfectly into our module.

2. In the second phase, the structure of the module had to be designed and created.

3. In the third phase, a design and layout were created which was picked to match the Christmas card.

4. In the fourth phase, everything was brought together and packed into a module so that the first version was ready for fine-tuning. The module was fine-tuned and put through its paces where necessary.

5. In the last phase, the Christmas card was prepared for dispatch and loaded onto our platform so that our customers can receive the Christmas greetings and experience our STAGE Responsive Module.

On behalf of our entire team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.

The interns of CREALOGIX Digital Learning in December 2017