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Together with leading experts, we develop thematic packages that provide you with relevant and up-to-date content in a concentrated form. Our course packages consist of abstract, ready-to-use modules and are characterised by a high degree of interaction that motivates the learners and guides them unerringly through the training topic.

Individualized adjustments

Thanks to our modular concept, you can easily put together your own course packages. In addition, all modules can be individually adapted to your needs – in terms of content and visuals, so that you will receive an optimally suitable product. If you do not have your own learning platform, we have a simple and uncomplicated Cloud-Learning solution. This saves you not only money, but also time.


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Everything you need to know about basic banking: BankingToday is the official teaching tool of the Swiss banking industry. The modular teaching aid that conveys practical and up-to-date banking knowledge. Efficient, complete, modular and multimedia-based, designed according to the latest didactic findings. The exercise books convey theory and specialist knowledge in a clear, comprehensible and learning-friendly manner. Whether as a newcomer or as an employee, BankingToday will train you to become a banking professional. With an educational medium that proves: efficient training and further education lead to verifiable learning success. And: diversified learning is fun!
All media are available in German, French, Italian and English – so training international teams will not be a problem.


The Compliance Finance package was developed especially for the financial sector. The modules can be purchased individually or as a package. “Compliance Finance” covers the most important issues relating to regulatory requirements and is based on the methodological and didactic experience of CREALOGIX in the financial sector. “Compliance Finance” covers the most important issues relating to regulatory requirements in Switzerland. The learning modules are completed with tests – the learning success can be checked. Certificates can be created automatically at the end of the course. As with General Compliance, the training is conducted online as a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution via our Digital Learning Hub in Switzerland.mehr/weniger


Due to advances in information technology such as changes in market structures and experiences from the financial crisis, the Financial Markets Directive MiFID was extended to MiFID II. MiFID II is to be implemented by the EU member states by mid-2017 and will come into effect on the 3rd of January 2018. The main objective of MiFID II is to improve investor protection. The 1-hour training programme includes topics such as inspection obligations, best execution and increased information obligations towards the customer. The changes affect relationship managers, executives and customers. With the help of the learning module, you prepare reliably for the introduction.mehr/weniger


The “IT Security” course package is the ideal tool for informing employees, imparting knowledge and ensuring that the guidelines for information security are put into practice. Based on 5 modules and a final evaluation, this course package imparts the necessary knowledge as well as the right behaviour and attitude. This means that all your employees can handle information securely and confidently at all times; Online and in the office, at home or on business trips. mehr/weniger


By means of concrete examples and tasks, users independently acquire practical knowledge. This leaves the REO advisors more time for individual interviews with job seekers. Advice and information is usually provided in one-on-one meetings and information events. A considerable proportion of this time is devoted to communicating the issues of “rights and obligations” and “benefits and deadlines” to the beneficiaries. The learning modules can be managed in the optional learning platform and individually assigned to the users. After the users complete the editing, their results and processing status are sent to the learning platform. Consultants can view these at any time and check their implementation.
With the e-learning modules from CREALOGIX, there is now a cost-effective and versatile alternative!

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