Corporate Education Solution for in-company training and development
Corporate Edition

Corporate Education is a learning solution for modern, successful companies. Using competence-based learning creates a culture of individual, self-directed learning. From onboarding and workplace learning through to communities, all kinds of formal and informal learning scenarios can be successfully implemented.

Swiss Learning Hub – Corporate Edition


User Management mehr/weniger

Role- and feature- based user management.

Course Management mehr/weniger

Create learning paths consisting of web-based training, interactive videos, blended events, learning games, AI, VR, etc. Manage users and assign learning paths, events and courses to participants.

Skills Management mehr/weniger

Use standard competence profiles for existing professions or create new specific job profiles which enable the targeted development of job competencies.

Event Management mehr/weniger

Manage classroom courses, events, webinars and additional resources such as lecturers, rooms and equipment.

Social Learning mehr/weniger

Learning communities in combination with courses, classes and learning content enable more efficient and sustainable learning processes.

Authoring tool mehr/weniger

Create learning materials quickly and easily with different forms of interaction to make learning enjoyable and motivating.

Exam tool mehr/weniger

Experts devise test questions that you can put together in any way you like to create exercises or assessments.

Online Feedbacks mehr/weniger

Conduct surveys about the quality and satisfaction of the trainings.


The Corporate Edition is a modular structured learning solution ideal for any size of company: whether a globally active enterprise or SME. Competence-based learning promotes the individual development of all employees and delivers measurable results for the organisation. Thanks to the intelligent Corporate Edition search engine, employees can access the organisational knowledge they need in under a second.

Thanks to the SaaS model based on the number of users, you receive an efficient, cost-effective and scalable solution.

Optimally utilise the skills and potential of your employees

Manage certification and reporting with modern education controlling

Conduct blended learning concepts with online learning and seminars & webinars
Use the 70-20-20 model to optimally implement the transfer of knowledge at the workplace

Workplace Learning 70/20/10

The Corporate Edition is based on the 70/20/10 Model for Learning and Development

Learning Model 70/20/10

The 70/20/10 Model is a formula for designing in-company learning. It assumes that 10% of learning needs are met through formal learning, while 20% of knowledge is acquired through social interaction (in learning communities, in the workplace, on coffee breaks, etc.) and 70% through job-related experiences (workplace learning).

Future-orientated learning techniques mehr/weniger

Knowledge is no longer communicated face-to-face in classrooms, but predominantly online (through web-based learning modules, webinars and learning communities). The classroom can be used to consolidate and discuss knowledge acquired in this way and apply it to specific scenarios. This allows a competence-based learning approach that is tailored to learners’ individual learning requirements to be implemented.

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