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Redefining Learning

Hotel & Gastro formation Switzerland reforms training with «time2learn»

Hotel & Gastro formation Switzerland is modernizing its apprentice programs for Certified Restaurant Specialists and Certified Restaurant Employees with the training planner time2learn from the Swiss Learning Hub Ltd.

CREALOGIX Digital Learning becomes an independent company

With the founding of Swiss Learning Hub Ltd, CREALOGIX Group’s provider of educational platforms and sophisticated learning media creates the basis for national and international growth in the field of digital education and training. The new company remains 100% owned by the CREALOGIX Group.

CREALOGIX Education Forum 2018: “The Skilling Challenge” – Impulses for the future of the working world

The CREALOGIX Digital Learning Education Forum was held for the twelfth time.
During the specialist conference on 25 September 2018, around 300 participants
were given an insight into the next generation of vocational education and training.
Digital Learning offers essential innovative strength for future-oriented companies.

CREALOGIX and Bühler win Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2018

The partners CREALOGIX and Bühler were awarded for their training program »ChocoGenius« with the Brandon Hall Group Gold Award in the category »Best Customer Training Program«. This coveted award recognizes the interactive approach through video courses: Complex learning content is made tangible to chocolate line operators through a coach and simulated real-life situations. The cloud-based [...]

Vocational training at ETH Zurich uses “time2learn” by CREALOGIX

In future, vocational training at ETH Zurich will utilise the “time2learn” training planner by CREALOGIX. The flexible cloud solution will be used for all career paths offered at ETH Zurich. The clearly organised learning manager enables learners to receive targeted support.

GDPR – The new EU-Data Protection Principles

The new basic EU data protection regulation is based on the 1995 Directive 95/46/EC (Data Protection Directive) and retains the basic data protection principles.
What exactly does this mean for Swiss companies?


On April 18th, 2018, we were at the LEARNING INNOVATION Conference 2018 at the Zurich Exhibition Center. On the topic “AGILE LEARNING” we presented the vision of “NextGen Professional Education” in the SolutionSpace.

Transcriptions with SPEXIAN

With SPEXIAN we consistently implement technologies from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Regardless of the industry our customers come from, we have the right solutions for everyone. Much more effective is the analysis of the converted and uploaded media on our platform.

Launch of the Swiss Learning Hub Site

We are happy to announce that our products website for the Swiss Learning Hub is going live today. Our product managers, marketing specialists and education experts have spent the last few months working on product definitions for the Swiss Learning Hub.

What are responsive learning media …and how do they operate?

We are learning every day. It doesn’t matter what and in what field we learn. Reality, however, remains that we absorb knowledge every day. We live in a time where our smartphone is our constant companion. It is always with you and ready-at-hand. This gives us the ideal prerequisites for using responsive learning media and benefiting from them.

CLXmas – the interactive Christmas card

This year, our clients will be surprised with a very special Christmas card. The very first STAGE Responsive CLXmas-christmas card was created by our apprentice-team: Ranging from the idea and the photography to the programming and design. All of it was made by our creative apprentices.

Latest White Paper: SPEXIAN

SPEXIAN changes the way organizations use and develop their video and audio sources. SPEXIAN provides an easy-to-use text search experience and powerful user analytics to unlock the hidden value of diverse and extensive video and audio resources.

Koemei becomes SPEXIAN

SPEXIAN is the newest product of CREALOGIX. SPEXIAN can convert speech from videos into written text with automated speech recognition (ASR). Speeches are automatically indexed and subject areas are assigned.

SPOC – The corporate university

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) have become an integral part of university education. However, in companies, Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) create an interesting and efficient form of learning -conveying formal learning content and enabling continuous and collaborative learning at the workplace.

Crime in the City

Financial Crime Prevention is one of the hottest topics for financial institutions. «Crime in the City» is an awarded compliance training with a game-based approach. This explorative learning game allows employees from different banking divisions to measure and improve their Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) Fitness by immersing themselves in real-life cases.

Artificial Intelligence: „We apply the principle of Google search to videos“

“Video is the new text” was Koemei’s credo. We have taken over the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology of the Swiss start-up and spin-off of the research institute IDIAP (partner of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne EPFL). I asked Urs Widmer, CEO of the Digital Learning division, what Artificial Intelligence can do for learning today and where future potential lies.

Next Gen Professional Education

Education Forum 2017 by CREALOGIX Digital Learning in the Trafo-Hallen Baden
On September 19th, 2017, the 11th annual Education Forum presented by CREALOGIX Digital Learning took place in the Trafo-Hallen Baden. 150 Clients participated in this event.

CREALOGIX overhauls CYP’s digital learning environment

CYP, the competence centre for modern sustainable learning used in Swiss banks, and CREALOGIX, specialists in digital banking and digital learning, are working closely together to revise CYP’s learning management system.

Interview about: «Learning House, Competence Set and Learning Hub»

Interview about: «Learning House, Competence Set and Learning Hub» with Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai and Su Franke.

Education Forum 2017

On September 19, 2017, the Education Forum of CREALOGIX Digital Learning will take place for the eleventh time. Secure your free place today.

Article about: «Learning House, Competence Set and Learning Hub»

To remain competitive, companies must continuously develop and use the skills of their employees and – almost more importantly – those of their customers. The development of work-related competencies for employees on the one hand and purchase-decisive competencies for customers on the other is increasingly distributed and takes place online.

getAbstract and CREALOGIX enter into a digital learning partnership

CREALOGIX and getAbstract, the leading online provider of compressed knowledge, are joining forces in the field of corporate training and further education. Digital book summaries on business and management trends from getAbstract now complement company-specific courses on the CREALOGIX learning platform TRACKER.

CREALOGIX Digital Learning at the 8th Swiss eLearning Conference 2017

Yesterday (5th of April 2017) we had the opportunity to participate in the demo festival of the 8th Swiss eLearning Conference in Zürich. The topic of this year’s SeLC “Learning in Change – How Digital Learning Supports Change Processes” was used as an opportunity to address concrete examples from the area of “Customer Education”.

Customer loyalty through digital customer training

Sustainable customer loyalty is more important than ever. Customer training is a good instrument for building loyalty through trust, consistency and security. The digital customer training finds its way directly to the front staff, transfers know-how where it is needed and helps solve standardized problems without service effort.

Successful First Swiss MOOC Factory Event from CREALOGIX Digital Learning

Last Tuesday, the first Swiss MOOC Factory event took place in Trafo Baden. Around 150 participants took up the invitation from CREALOGIX Digital Learning to exchange views about the future of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) in Switzerland.

Redefining Learning: MISSION Paper

Eight months ago, we published our WHITE Paper on “Personalized Learning” here. The focus was on the theoretical, didactic and algorithmic foundations of personalized learning. Now, a few months later, we have expanded the WHITE Paper into an actual MISSION Paper.

CREALOGIX and Deloitte are cooperating in the training for MiFID II

CREALOGIX and Deloitte are entering a partnership for the training for the new MiFID II guideline: from now on, a digital training programme focusing on investor protection will be available to financial institutes. Staff and management can use it to efficiently prepare for the introduction of the new guidelines.


Digital learning is entering the healthcare industry. Professionals and patients alike can learn more about all aspects of health through various web-based learning formats. The use of cloud-based learning technologies simplifies entry and use.

SBB relies on the STAGE authoring tool from CREALOGIX Digital Learning

Swiss Federal Railways SBB relying on the Stage authoring tool from CREALOGIX Digital Learning for the development of learning content for its employees. The Zurich-based company won the public tender by SBB for «Content Authoring & Delivery» and integrated its product into the system environment of the Swiss rail and transport company within a few months.

Education Forum 2016

Am 19. September 2017 findet das Education Forum von CREALOGIX Digital Learning zum elften Mal statt. Sichern Sie sich schon heute Ihren kostenlosen Platz. Am diesjährigen Education Forum können Sie spannende Keynote-Referate erwarten und sich an den verschiedenen World-Café- und Werkstatt-Tischen mit anderen Digital Learning Experten und Expertinnen austauschen.