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Crime in the City

Financial Crime Prevention is serious business, so we turned it into a game!

Financial Crime Prevention is one of the hottest topics for financial institutions. «Crime in the City» is an awarded compliance training with a game-based approach. This explorative learning game allows employees from different banking divisions to measure and improve their Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) Fitness by immersing themselves in real-life cases. The game covers money laundering, sanctions violations, bribery & corruption and fraud. The game has been developed in HTML5 and runs on desktops and tablets.

Problem-based Learning Game

Has your staff gone through all the traditional compliance trainings? Are they bored with page-turning WBTs? „Crime in the City“ takes compliance training to the next level: With interactive general and divisional cases your employees get immersed in day-to-day operations where they have to take the right decisions to stay compliant. Their individual scores are visualized by FCP Fitness Meters for each crime area.

The Brandon Hall expert panel awarded this innovative approach to compliance training „Gold Excellence in Learning„, one of the most prestigious awards in the field.


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Off-the-shelf or Customized?

«Crime in the City» can be purchased as is or customized. The off-the-shelf version is delivered with all 4 crime areas, more than 10 business cases and a final assessment. The game can be customized to your needs in terms of design, crime areas or business cases.

User feedbacks from a global organization are outstanding and show that compliance trainings can be entertaining, exciting and fun.


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